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I am Californio, born in Santa Monica, raised in OC and elsewhere; living in a high desert south of the Sierras. I have studied art with Frank Tauriello, Jose De Creeft, Robert Beverly Hale, Lewis Cohen, Anthony Amato, as well as many others including the wisdom and support of Master Stone Mason Ed Lohr Sr. of Carnevale & Lohr.  Named and unnamed comrades in and out of urban studios worldwide continue to inform my hope for some understanding of beauty. To my parents and other creative soldier-souls who have provided strong links to the art chain of human history on which to hang my humble offerings, I thank you.

My work is as honest as my nature will allow. I strive for fine art product that welcomes all who come and go - changed or no. I hope there remains a place in our world for contemplative art; I work to provide a window in which each may consider hers / or his mind free from headings found on the " venal chart . " 

Any facility of mine for objet d'art derives from fine art drawing skills honed at the Art Students League of NYC , where a strong foundation emphasized an autodidactic close study and passionate exploration of art as deeply as one's perception and temperament would permit . This stern focus yielded a lifelong appetite for the plastic arts with added meaning in a world increasingly without . I earned my bachelors in English drafting as an aerospace designer for 13 years of a 20 year college journey. Writing is for me as chewing, so i feel nourished by expression. I mean to learn and devise a way to infuse the inevitable regeneration of our planet after we are gone with some idea of what beauty the human race had been capable of the regardless of the scalding madness and destruction from a peril as ancient as the Sirens of Odysseus.

An irony so great that the unquenchable human spirit be subdued by a "Siren" twitch from a +/- 5V pulse affixed at the wrists of those remnants of a once free species, " say it ain't so Shane, say it ain't so .  ."

love . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ........ ......... .......... = ( resist empire ) , for we are surely facing our doom

                                                                            Joseph T. Stevens






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grufyti's znot buta wheel rolling backward . forever . rotflmao . thru my tears - stone artist dot com

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